• Peas

    Dry peas are mainly divided into two - Green and Yellow peas. Peas have their origin based north-west of Asia. Dry peas are largely grown in Canada, France, Ukraine and the United States. Yellow and green peas are imported into India in large quantities. Canada grows over 3 million tonnes of peas along with United states growing over 700,000 tonnes.
  • Lentils

    Lentils are mainly grown in India and Canada. There are also other countries like Australia, China, United States, Turkey and neighbouring European countries which grow Lentils. Half of the world-wide production of lentils is from India. Canada is the largest export producer of lentils in the world. The total world production of Lentils is close to 3-4 million tonnes.


  • Chickpeas

    Chickpeas are classified into two types - Desi and Kabuli. Desi Chickpeas are majorly cultivated in India, Pakistan, Australia, and in small parts of the African continent along with small quantities in USA and Canada. Kabuli chickpeas are grown in the Indian subcontinent, Turkey, Iran, Canada and USA. Chickpeas are high on nutrition value with over 23% of protein content. Over 85% of the chickpeas grown worldwide are Desi type.
  • Beans

    Beans are a huge family of pulses and have over a 100 different varieties. The most common ones with an Indian perspective include - Red Kidney Beans, Blackeye Beans, Mung Beans, Black Matpe Beans, and Light speckled Kidney beans. China is one of the largest exporters of kidney beans. They are very high in protein content with a cup of kidney beans (15 grams) provides you with over 30% of the daily value for protein.



Ghanshyam Tanna:

Ghanshyam Tanna started his business in 1970 almost immediately after completing his Diploma in Business Management (MBA) from IIM Ahmedabad. An ever positive attitude, extreme hard work, good judgment and intelligence along with his great honesty has helped him develop a name for himself in the agriculture products and pulses market. He started with exporting huge quantities of spices and importing pulses for the Kerala state government organisations. He has also taught the subjects of Export Import Business and International Marketing as an honorary visiting faculty at the IIMA for eight years. 


Nayana Tanna:

Nayana Tanna (a graduate in Economics with qualifications of Foreign trade management) with 25 years of administrative experience. Her selling ability has added a long list of satisfied Indian clients and Foreign suppliers to our businesses. She handles Europe and African business in particular.


Rasesh Tanna:

Rasesh Tanna infuses young blood to the group and provides new vision and strategies. Graduate in Engineering from Mumbai (Bombay) university, his qualification and acumen is helping the group to expand and progress to many new ventures and products. His experience in Computer and IT projects is moving the company forward to the next generation mode of business. He has great plans for the future business of the group. 

Since 2005, He has also been the group's public face, attending International CICILS conferences since 2008. He has been a regular member of Indian Trade Delegation to USA as a part of the USADPLC council since 2007.



N.Sreedharan, Mrs Vijaya Krishnan and Vishnu Joshi:

They have experience ranging from ten to twenty-five years in export import documentations, contract drafting, government formalities, marketing research, cargo inspection, logistics management and statistical data compiling. This helps in the process of business once the contracts are entered into. They also provide sufficient help to both our buyers and sellers in smooth execution of their contracts. 

In addition, the group has adequate staff to back up the work of the above and help in administration. 


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